May 17, 2011

BALD & Beautiful(Doubtful...:-P)

call it the DHONI effect or the effect of 45+ temperature, that the boys who were having long silky strands of hair dropping down there head(like our very own sallu bhai) have clean there field due to the sweaty summers. some have clean shaven their head whereas some have switch back to ghajini style.. you can call this as KHAN SWITCH OVER i.e. from sallu khan to apna very own ghajini khan.. it is quite surprised to see two or three new bald faces daily roaming around in the campus.. initially i use to think that they had a tragedy in their home, but when it became the daily routine then i realized whats the real thing is..
thankfully i never gone into this kind of big switch as i was never comfortable with long hairs... but its good to see new shining faces or clearly speaking shining head cos the shine on faces are already lost due to back-to-back exams, so whatever shine they can show is on their head..
it is being truly said that hairstyle changes like season but here it would be correct to say that "hairstyle changes WITH seasons"... OK frnz... that's all for now from my side... hope you enjoyed this bald with beauty experience with me... oops... just bald not beauty cos i couldn't find any beauty in this... so for now... Bye .... see you soon... until then, keep smiling...

P.S.:- BTW WHAT'S YOUR STYLE THIS SUMMER???????????....:-P... :-D...

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