Sep 25, 2015

Sacrifice vs Murder

Today marks the holy day of Id-ul-Azha (Bakr-id). My best wishes to all across the globe. 

Few days back I came across a news which appealed to not to kill cows as its a holy deity in our religion. 

That brings in the thought,

"A certain species of animals should not be killed because it is holy but isn't that killing any life is a sin?"

We kill buffaloes in the name of sacrifice to gods & goddesses but I hope you haven't forget its the symbol of Yam (death god). Won't killing a buffalo will make him angry and if he gets angry who will save you from death?

Rather lets not talk specific animal but in general sense. Is taking up any life in the name of sacrifice as per any religious customs  is justified? God created this world, he created every individual with his own hand be it human, animal, plant or anything. And if you kill any creature in the name of sacrifice presuming god will be happy & will forgive all of your sins then sorry my friend but you are wrong. Its not a repentance but another act of sin which is being performed.

In-fact, butchers/hunters are far better than you. Even if they kill a life (be it any reason viz. pleasure, food, fun,etc.) at-least they don't give it the name of god.

So be it any occasion irrespective of religion,  killing a creature is a murder and no holy sacrifice.

In the end I just want to appeal to all of you.

Don't be a blind follower of customs. Understand meaning behind it. If it is wrong, go ahead change it, fix it.

Signing off !!! Happy Id-ul-Azha

P.S.- By the way, plants also have life, so if you hate Non-vegans just because they are murders so are you. Just because plants can't express their pain doesn't mean you aren't killing a life.

*This post doesn't intend to hurt any religious sentiments or feelings. Its just a share of thought which I have observed around me.

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