Oct 1, 2015

Who will cry when you die

If we have to define or rather explain what living is then I suppose their would be endless possibilities of explanations to it. It can be either living for self or for your loved ones or for anybody you feel about. In the end what matters is the way of living. As simple it might sound, its equally complex to explain.

Few days back, I came across this phrase "Who will cry when you die" which was supposed to be a very famous book by a well known leadership advisor Robin Sharma.

This made me think, is it really a point of concern? I agree that this book deals with some leadership lessons which guide us to mend our ways of living so as to create a life worth legacy but are we really to be concerned about who will cry.

I mean, what's our doing in when we are alive? To make sure that our loved ones stay happy & keep smiling always. And once we die they surely gonna be sad at heart and that void created by our death will be a permanent ache or temporary for some.

Why!!!! When we have spend whole life in order to keep that one smile intact. A single death & all gone in vain. And what we are worried is who will cry on our death. Instead why can't we focus upon to keep that smile alive irrespective of our presence. I know its tough because somewhere that pain of separation will be a prick to happiness but lets just intensify the happiness in someone's life that it fades away the pain.


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